The ordering of medicines online has increased significantly in recent years. On average, there is a more than 50% chance that medicines purchased online are counterfeit.

To avoid the health of the general public being compromised, it is important to buy medicines from a legal online outlet.

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Selling medicines online

From 1 July 2015 onwards, new regulations will apply to offering medicines online. With effect from this date, websites that offer medicines for sale online must be registered and listed on the overview of online providers of medicines on this website. In addition, they must have a European logo on their website. An example of this logo is shown below. This new legislation has consequences for pharmacists, dispensing GPs, chemists and other shops in the Netherlands who sell medicines via a website.

U ziet hier het Europese logo voor online aanbieders van medicijnen die legaal mogen handelen in medicijnen. Koopt u online medicijnen, controleer dan of dit logo op de site staat.